Start your own Human Instrumentality Project with this Evangelion-themed RTX 3090

Asus is going to release a limited edition RTX 3090 24GB GPU inspired by the most confusing and depressing anime ever, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Just how limited, you ask? Well, Taiwanese retailer, CoolPC (thanks @momomo_us)  has opened pre-orders on the card and will only be selling 15 of these GPUs. 

The Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 O24G Evangelion Edition costs TWD $63,990 or $2,185 USD which is only slightly more expensive than Asus ROG’s non-anime themed RTX 3090s. Each order comes with a ROG Herculx GPU holder since the RTX 3090 is a rather chunky piece of hardware and some PCs need the support. 

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