Mining sandbox Hydroneer now has multiplayer, vehicles, and an optimized code rework

Big ol’ mining sandbox Hydroneer has gotten… significantly bigger. The release of the 2.0 updated today, Sunday May 8th 2022, adds split-screen coop, Steam Remote Play, hundreds of new items, and a wholly new vehicle system. it also adds two new areas to the world. Perhaps most impressive, the update is a complete rework of Hydroneer’s underlying code, putting it on steadier ground for further optimization, new gameplay features, and multiplayer. 

It’s a far cry from the game that I thought was getting pretty detailed when it was updated to add power and logic systems in 2021. I wouldn’t have guessed it’d one day be a game that let you customize your character’s appearance for multiplayer. I doubt that when our Chris Livingston tried it in 2020 he thought it would come this far.

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