Best AMD motherboards in 2022

The best AMD motherboard can be host to a multitude of AMD Ryzen CPUs, though you’ll likely want one of the red team’s latest Ryzen 5000-series chips in your machine in 2022. But we’re not talking chips, we’re talking chipsets. And there are a few key chipsets you’ll want to consider for your AMD build: X570, B550, A520, X470, and B450. We’ve tested a ton of different generations of AMD chipsets on various boards to find the best ones for you, no matter the budget. 

Before you start adding just any AMD motherboard to your cart, make sure you figure out which is the right chipset for you. AMD has stuck with the AM4 socket through numerous CPU generations, so there are many options there. At the top you have X570, though you will find many of the same features on a B550 board. Sometimes for less cash. The cheapest 500-series option is the A520, but you could even opt for an older 400-series board if you find one going for a good price. 

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