When BAD Reviewers Destroy Games – Biased Game Reviews It Affects Us ALL

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When BAD Reviewers Destroy Games – Biased Game Reviews It Affects Us ALL

What is the first thing we do when a new Video Game comes out? We look up reviews, don’t we? Far Cry 6 Review is probably something you have typed in yourself these last few days. Regardless of if you play video games on a ps4, ps5, xbox, nintendo switch or PC – this is something we all do.

Some Video Game websites have MASSIVE reach – so a game can almost be destroyed if say both IGN and Gamespot give a bad review for the same Game. This makes the importance of having the right reviewer for the job all the more important. Behind Games are people money, hopes and dreams. A lot is riding on most Games out there but something….it seems like the wrong reviewer had the final say.

Join me in this deep dive discussion as I call out the importance of the reviewer being a fan of the genre they are reviewing. Otherwise the Game is almost guaranteed to be reviewers harshly and often, unfairly.

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