Check out the launch trailer for My Hero: One’s Justice 2’s Yuga Aoyama DLC

The dazzling student of Class 1-A, Yuga Aoyama, is now available as a playable character for MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2’s Season Pass 2. A snobbish boy with an aristocratic air, Aoyama possesses a unique Quirk known as “Navel Laser,” which allows him to attack his enemies with a powerful blast emitted from his stomach.

Aoyama is the fifth and final member of MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2’s Season Pass 2, which also features the previously released Kurogiri, Hitoshi Shinso, Present Mic, and Midnight.

Released on March 11, 2020, MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE is based on the hit anime series with over 40 playable characters that lets players build their dream team of their favorite heroes and villains, relive iconic scenes, and experience intense fights with explosive quirks.

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