Indie Retro News: Devil’s Temple : Son of the Kung-Fu Re-Master

If you’ve been following all of our news stories in regards Geezer Games ‘Devil’s Temple – Son of the Kung-Fu Master’; which is an unofficial spin off from the 1980’s classic game ‘Kung Fu’, by Cowie, Ten Shu and DJ Metune. Then you may be interested to know as thanks to a heads up our good friend Per Ola Eriksson, we’ve just been told the game got a brand new promotional video showing just how good this game looks even though it’s still in development for the Amiga A500, Amiga with AGA and Amiga Mini!

Video Link for Mobile Users

Here is what the team says about this awesome looking game for the Amiga : “Set in 1987 you’ll fight your way to the Devil’s Temple to rescue Lena who’s been taken and held hostage by X in revenge for his defeat to your father 3 years ago. The game features 10 stages with intense arcade Kung Fu action based on the classic Irem games of Kung Fu Master and Vigilante. Over 300 frames of animation have been packed into the game and every cycle of performance has been used on the Amiga A500.  The game will adapt to expansions so extra chip ram will result in better music, AGA will provide extra colours and increased enemy variety in-game”. 

So yes if you’re looking for a wickedly cool looking beat em up/fighting game make sure to keep an eye out for Devil’s Temple due this month or June 2022!

Pre-Order for the boxed edition of the game is available at
Digital version and further info available at
Join the Amiga Game Dev discord channel for announcements on the game:-

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