It’s World Bee Day, so let’s marvel at AI hives that know exactly what bees need

Friday the 20th of May is the day the world comes together to celebrate bees. It was chosen for World Bee Day in honor of the birthday of a pioneer of modern apiculture, Anton Janša, and is recognized by the UN General Assembly. While it can seem like almost everything has its own day now, bees are a hugely important part of our ecosystem, so it’s worth celebrating them, in this case by marvelling at a wonderful AI that helps keep them alive and healthy.

AIs are being trained to do all sorts of amazing things, like make pizzas, control nuclear fusion, and even make art. According to TechXplore, In the Galilee region of Israel, AIs are being integrated into beehives by the startup Beewise, and are helping to automatically monitor the bees and their needs.

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