Fans Want HBO Stars in MultiVersus, Including Tony Soprano and John Oliver

Fan casting for MultiVersus has gotten pretty wild after the Internet realised HBO characters could make it into the game. Now everyone from Tony Soprano to John Oliver are being suggested as playable fighters in the surprisingly impressive WB Smash Bros-alike.

Twitter users were surprised by the inclusion of Arya Stark, a character who comes from arguably very different source material than the rest of the cast, which is primarily drawn from the history of Warner Bros. cartoons and DC comics.

If Arya Stark, a character in a famously violent and sexually explicit TV show is absolutely fine to appear in this game, what character from the Warner Bros. and HBO back-catalogue would be off the table? People have since been sharing their ideal surprise appearances from HBO classics. Honestly, we’d love to see most of them.

The clear favourite – based on the sheer weight of tweets alone – is seemingly Tony Soprano who, much like Ayra Stark, ended his critically acclaimed TV show with an uncertain future. But what’s to say the real ending of The Sopranos, after the fade to black, isn’t Tony falling through a portal?

Some characters are more obvious than others. The Wire’s Omar Little (portrayed by the late Michael K. Williams) is a fan favorite. His iconic appearance borders on the larger-than-life even for the grounded and slow fiction of the series he’s known from. He’s kitted out with body armor and a series of ballistic weaponry. What I’m saying is that I think he could defeat Finn from Adventure Time.

You might be thinking, John Oliver is just a regular human man without any superpowers and possibly not even average levels of physical strength… but the same could be said of Scooby Doo’s Shaggy, who has been elevated to mythical levels of power through the willing adoption of the Powerful Shaggy Meme. He’s been included among MultiVersus’s confirmed roster as a credible opponent for Batman. Basically: get Oliver in.

And what about characters that aren’t known for violence? Well, MultiVersus includes a playable version of The Iron Giant, a character whose pacifism in the face of armed opposition serves as a defining symbol of love’s triumph over fear. And yet he’s in here punching Bugs Bunny. If developer Player First Games are happy to include him, they’re probably more than comfortable with Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw using a pair of Louboutins like daggers.

Frankly, the requests are endless, and the ideas are consistently weirdly entertaining, so here are some more of our favourites:

And if you want my opinion, all I’m saying is Logan Roy of Succession doesn’t inherently make any less sense than Arya Stark and they should see if Brian Cox would come in and do the voice.

Mat Jones is IGN’s UK Social Coordinator, and will turn back into a pumpkin at midnight.

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