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Another Amiga news story has appeared in our inbox that’s worthy of a mention, as if you remember when we posted about the upcoming game called ‘EON’, which is an Amiga AGA game that looks very much like the classic Shadow of the Beast. Then as of this weekend the developers AmigaWave and Goblin have posted a brand new video! For those of you who haven’t heard of this game before, it was apparently released way back in 2014 by Worderboy Bobi, as a short playable PC demo, inspired by games such as Shadow of the Beast or Lion Heart and classed as an action RPG with skill and items progression.

According to Kikems EON was not only a game designed and published in 2014 for PC by François Perez, also known as Wonderboy Bobi, but the game is being recreated from scratch for Amiga AGA / CD32, designed to make use of the dualplayfield and scroll parallax for almost the entire game obtaining a visual and gaming experience worthy of an AGA machine, the game is a mixture of RPG of adventure and action, and you will have to go obtaining a series of objectives and solving some puzzles or enigmas to be able to continue progressing in the adventure!

The main development will be for AMIGA AGA with 020 to 14Mhz and 2 Mb of ram, so you will need at least one Amiga 1200 or a CD32.

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