Horizon Forbidden West – Spoilercast | Idle Game Chat Bonus Stage

Apps is joined by Pixel Pints alumni, Evan, to deep dive into Guerrilla Games’ latest epic, Horizon Forbidden West. In this chat spanning over 3 hours they debate, critique and reminisce the highs and lows of Sony’s Open World Action RPG.

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00:00 Intro
03:11 Cards on the Table
20:18 Narrative, Characters & Story Beats
57:39 Technical Proficiency, Presentation & Performance
1:17:57 Design, Quests & Exploration
1:54:55 Exploration, Fast Travel & Movement
2:28:38 Combat, Weapons, Outfits & Crafting
2:48:05 Machines & Human Enemies
2:59:43 The Trophy List
3:12:35 AOB


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