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Looking for some starter tips in V Rising? The newly launched survival-crafter may not be the most fulfilling vampire game around, depending on whom you ask, but it’s still pretty fun to establish your spooky castle, and turn unwary humans into your undying thralls. The game is really well-tutorialized for an Early Access game, walking you through a series of steps that’ll show you how most things work.

But when jumping into a new crafting game, it’s always useful to know what resources you should prioritise so you can establish a base and upgrade your equipment most efficiently. That’s certainly the case in V Rising, since your “equip level” is what determines your HP, and the level of prey you can expect to hunt down.

In this V Rising resource starter guide, I’ll go through seven important early game items to grab or craft. These will help you lay the foundation of your castle quicker, upgrade or craft better weapons and armour, and help you get your first vampiric servant.

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