10 Best Fox Pokemon Of 2022 (So Far)

Pokemon has some of the best fictional words ever created, the world of Pokemon is a place of imagination and a world where you and your fellow Pokemon embark on journeys across multiple regions.

In these journeys you meet a lot of new Pokemon, and a lot of these Pokemon are actually inspired by animals that we find in our real world.

One such animal that Pokemon takes a ton of inspiration from is the fox.

It is an animal loved by many, and Pokemon has managed to use this animal’s design to create some absolutely beautiful and powerful Pokemon.

Fox Pokemon have been a part of the Pokemon universe for a while now. We recently got a lot of new additions to the list in Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Foxes have a very distinct archetype associated with them, they are considered to be intelligent and cunning, and the Pokemon that are inspired by these creatures embody these traits as well!

So we have decided to honour the best Fox Pokemon from the Pokeverese by putting together this list of the ten best fox Pokemon of all time!

10. Nickit 

Judging by its appearance, the Nickit is a tiny Pokemon that looks similar to a real-life fox but it has a lot of additional features that set it apart from its real-life counterpart.

Its maroon colour is very reminiscent of its real-life counterpart; one of the most striking distinguishing features is its enormous tail and its large head!

Not just appearance, the Nickit also embodies the traits of a fox. It is a smart and cunning Pokemon that likes to use this smartness for stealing stuff!  This Pokemon literally doesn’t hunt. It survives by stealing others’ food, how smart!

Thanks to its dense fur coat, no one can even sense its around as it has muffled footsteps and branches don’t tend to snap when it glides through the bushes.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Pokemon also has a tail that leaves a paw print on the ground, which Nickit utilizes to misdirect its followers.

Nickit is the one of the best Fox Pokemon if you want to do a heist!

9. Hisuian Zorua

fox pokemon hisuin zorua

Next up on the list, we have the latest addition to the fox family in Pokemon, and probably the most disheartening one, Hisuian Zorua!

Hisuian Zorua is very much different from its Unnovan counterpart, not just in color but because of its living state. Hisuian Zorua is literally a reborn version of Zorua!

Yes, you heard that right, and there’s a very valid reason behind this. You see, when Zorua was shunned from human settlements for their malicious behaviour, they were left to fend for themselves in the extreme weather of the Hisui region, in which they were unable to survive.

The spirits from the dead Zorua then lingered around and were reborn as Hisuian Zorua, who are not very fond of humans.

The Hisuian Zorua have white fur and amazing powers that enable them to cast illusions. But, this time these illusions are fueled by Zorua’s resentment for humans and not by malice.

The worst difference between the “original” Zorua and Hisuian Zorua is their facial expression. The Hisuian counterpart looks like it is in pain, as opposed to the Zorua who has a grin. some would even put this in the ugliest Pokemon list, but we couldn’t do it!

8. Alolan Vulpix

alolan vulpix

Alolan Vulpix is not only one of the best fox Pokemon, but it is also one of the cutest Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise. Its elegant white colour and furry blue icy tail make it stand out from the other fox Pokemon on this list.

Unlike the other Foxes, fuelled by resentment and malice or the hunger for stealing stuff, the Alolan Vulpix literally is the most docile-looking creature.

It has a puffy tail which is very different from its red counterpart. As for how Vulpix got to the island of Alola, no one knows.

The Pokemon probably came to the island with humans. They decided to live in the snowy peaks, and not in the humid climate of the island, so as to avoid other predatory Pokemon that might endanger their survival!

It also is pretty strong and also makes for a cute Pokemon plushie!

7. Thievul

Thievul is the evolved form of the malicious NIckit, and just like Nickit, Thievul is also a cunning thief.

It literally wears a domino mask, has a nasty grin on its face, and did you notice its name is very reminiscent of the word “thief”?

This Pokemon is an entire package when it comes to stealing stuff!

The tricks that Nickit uses are still in use by Thievul, but it also doubles down on its stealing skills by marking its victims with a scent. Then it follows it around quietly, waiting for the right time to steal their favourite berries! 

As it literally steals stuff, it isn’t very liked by the Pokemon that it coexists with, like the Boltund, who is a natural enemy of Thievul.

6. Ninetales


Next up we have the NInetales, the mystical Pokemon who is known for its powerful abilities, a 1000-year life span, and also its thirst for vengeance on people who do it wrong!

Ninetales looks very much like a fox but acts very much like a lion. It probably was the most powerful noon-legendary fire type from the Kanto region.

In the anime, it was shown as a powerful beast who was not to be messed with as it will pursue you until your last breath if you anger it.

Many in the Pokemon world believe that Ninetales gets its longer life span thanks to the mystical power it has stored up in its Nine tails!

5. Eevee


If infinite potential is a trait you look for when choosing a Pokemon, then Eevee is the one that will show up on every list.

Eevee, as you know, can evolve into many different forms, each different form brings with it new abilities, new types, and new powers that it can then use to obliterate your enemies!

Eevee’s are also very friendly to humans; you can literally keep them as pets in cities. Because of their love for humans and humans’ love for them, Eevees are usually found in the urban centers and cities as opposed to the wild areas.

On their own, they might not be the strongest Pokemon on this list, but evolve it and see the power it unleashes!

4. Zoroark

fox pokemon zoroark

Zoroark is one of the coolest Pokemon to ever exist; it has a rad design and probably one of the best color combinations, red and blackish-brown colors.

It has long red hair, which looks glorious; Zoroark can literally feature in a shampoo commercial if humans liked the Pokemon.

Zoroark aren’t very liked amongst humans, and rightfully so. These Pokemon are really nasty; they cast illusions that literally delude people. The Zoroark can directly take a human’s form and speak in a human’s tongue if need be, making it a think of nightmares.

It doesn’t actually change the form, but it casts an illusion that makes you feel like it’s an actual human!

But not all is bad about this malicious fox; Zoroark is also loyal to its trainers, so the trainers who are lonely use Zoroark to ease their solitude.

They do this by asking Zoroark to cast an illusion on them, it sounds sad, but Zoroark is helping people live better lives, even if it’s a dream; that’s good enough.

3. Delphox

best fox pokemon delphox

Many players in the Pokemon community hate it when fire-type Pokemon go bipedal. Delphox wasn’t spared either, but as years have passed, the Pokemon has managed to garner a good enough fanbase (especially in the furry community), and this was because of the Pokemon’s powers, especially its unique typing, which is Fire/Psychic which is very rare in the Pokemon world.

Why won’t people like Delphox?

It literally is a wizard that carries a wand like Harry Potter and uses it to see in the future and focus its mind? The Pokemon even looks like a wizard; its fur looks very similar to a robe, and it also acts like a robe, as Delphox uses its skin to hide the stick when it is not in use!

If Pokemon ever decided to make a magical spinoff, Delhox will definitely be the protagonist. (Delphox will barge through the door and say, Ash, you’re a wizard, thus starting the journey!)

2. Alolan Ninetales

alolan ninetails

Alolan Ninetales is in the runner ups position on this list, and rightfully so; it literally looks like a God on earth.

It is one of the best-designed Pokemon in the Alola region. As we already know, the Vulpix came to the Alola region with humans and found refuge in the cold mountainous regions of the Alola region; the same goes for their evolved form.

Ninetales in the Alola region is also very vengeful. But, unlike the NInetales from Kanto, the Alolan counterpart is very friendly to humans at first and even helps humans that are in distress.

Because of their good deeds towards humans, many in the region regard Ninetales as a deity that helps them out in the cold harsh environment.

The glorious color and coat Ninetales boasts only help cement its position as a deity in the region. It also is powerful; you can slay dragon types with this Pokemon every day. And what is nobler than slaying dragons?

1. Hisuian Zoroark

hisuian zoroark

The number one spot used to be reserved for the Glorious Alolan Ninetales. But, the recent addition of the Hisuian Zoroark has changed that. The hisuian counterpart is one of the strongest Pokemon from the region; it can even go toe to toe against many legendaries in Pokemon!

As mentioned earlier in the list, the Zorua in this region were shunned by humans and left in cold, wild conditions that aren’t suited for a Zoroark. 

They shouldn’t have survived, but they do survive as they are reborn from their resentment against every human that has wronged them and driven them to extinction.

The HIsuian Zoroark is extremely powerful; it can literally cast illusions that will drive people to insanity because of how horrific they are. Zoroarks have so much resentment stored in their hearts against the humans of Hisui that they can physically harm them!

The Hisuian Zoroark is a very miserable Pokemon; its face is always down, unlike the happy and malicious Unnovan Zoroark. This depth in its lore and powers make it the number fox Pokemon in the Pokemon universe!

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