Indie Retro News: Swords & Bones 2

Are you bored and looking for something to play through today and perhaps the week ahead. Then make sure to check out SEEP’s latest game of Swords & Bones 2; a game which is not only a charmingly cute and wholesome platformer that’s available for Windows through Steam, but it’s inspired by and is a love letter to classic 80’s and 90’s platformers filled with monsters, traps, collectable power-ups, and lots of beautiful looking levels!

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In Swords & Bones 2 many new challenges await you as Berenice, equip yourself with a shield and try out the new parry mechanic. Inspired by classics like Castlevania and Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Swords & Bones 2 is not only the perfect sequel for those who played and enjoyed the first chapter, but the game features a new story, a powerful shield to defend yourself, 4 devastating spells, improved graphics, coins to power up your hero, 50 action packed levels, big bosses, two different endings, gorgeous pixel art, and an epic and dark chiptune soundtrack.

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