AYN Teases NEW AYN Loki Handheld The “World’s Most Affordable Windows Handheld”

While many of you may be waiting for AYN to finally ship your AYN Odin after waiting many months, and constantly being teased by their weekly production updates you’ll be glad to know that they are launching another handheld.

To our surprise AYN have officially teased their next handheld and have name it Loki, along with a tease stating it’s “the worlds most affordable Windows handheld”.

Not only are they doing this to annoy ANBERNIC after their Wind600 announcement, I feel like they are specifically aim to take a piece of AYA Neo’s pie, especially after their reveal of the AYA Neo Air recently.

Obviously, they’ll be looking to target the Steam Deck too, but I personally feel the Steam Deck is going to be a totally different demographic.

The AYN Loki is going to be “affordable”, which could mean anywhere between $100 – $500, but looking at AYN’s past and the $289 price tag of the AYN odin, it could in fact be closer to $250 depending on what processor and tech specs they use.

It’s likely they will have different editions of the AYN Loki, based on tech specs and upgrades. The Odin has this, for example Lite, Standard and Pro, so perhaps we will see the AYN Loki Lite, Standard and Pro too for those that are happy to spend more.

AYN Odin VS AYN Loki

The video is only 30 seconds long, and you only get to see the AYN Loki for 3 of those, so there isn’t much information to go over.

The visual differences are very minute. The AYN Loki looks to be all white, with white screen bezels, white buttons and possibly even white LEDs under the analogue stick and on the side grips.

If AYN promises to make this the world’s most affordable windows handheld then high-end specs might not be the priority of this handheld, instead it’s being built as an entry point for those wanting to explore the best handheld gaming PC’s.

We’ll admit the success of the AYN Odin has been incredible, and the demand for it has been overwhelming on the company, hence why they are struggling to get all orders out as swiftly as possibly, but they need to be wary about annoying current customers when launching new products so swiftly.

We’ve seen AYA Neo do this, and it’s a fast way of stopping their older handhelds from selling.

If they can pull this off, and price it under $300 while packing a punch, this could be a great product for PC enthusiasts, and it opens up more gamers to the handheld industry, which we absolutely love.

The portable PC market is getting more competitive by the day, but this one excites us, only because the AYN Odin is currently one of the best retro handhelds on the market, even if it is Android based.

Some users have got Windows to work on this thing, but this is AYN’s first shot and supplying need to this market for an affordable price.

We’ll update this article with more information once we hear from them.

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