I Hate Soulslike & Tried A New One | Dolmen Game Review (Kinda?)

Dolmen has just come out, and judging by some of the reviews on steam, it’s off to a pretty rocky start. In this video, I take you through the short journey of someone who doesn’t like soulslike games, indeed I kind of hate them, but try out this new release game anyway. If you like the video, and want to check out Dolmen for yourself. Have a look at the links below!


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Video Transcript:
Despite the fact that I am one of, what I assume to be a very large and quite intelligent group of gamers, that indeed hates the soulslike genre, I find myself trying out this new game called dolmen, that could quite possible be described as a game that kinda wishes it was a souls game, but only in space, and with aliens.

So despite really not being into that whole, we’re just tipping our toes in here, but everything can still kill you , kind of game, I’m loading up Dolmen with the foolish grin of a man who really should have known better. because at the end of the day, i am okayish at games, and how hard can a few aliens be?

After a good couple of minutes of walking down pathways and learning the ropes, what you can see here is ultimate one of my first deaths, and don’t be fooled by the glowing circles that you see on the screen right here. No you might think it’s a save point, or some kind of achievement area that I’ve done quite well. Time for a celebration or two. Nope, wrong there, that’s actually a tutorial point, and i’m at this point dying to creatures that are placed in the vicinity for the sole purpose of letting you test out a mechanic or two. As you can imagine, my self esteem is going through the roof right now.

I decided I would play it safe, avoid sprinting through like one of those “helpful” little circles suggested I should try, and managed to make it a bit further. See a cool cutscene with some guy who i recon we have a good chance of fighting a bit later. And just at that point where i had built my confidence up just enough, actually lasting a minute or two without taking damage. I was introduced to these little friendly guys. Yeh they’re fire throwing zombie dudes who I don’t seem to damage in any way. In my attempts to escape i learnt one important little thing about Dolmen, yeh these dudes can open doors by themselves, and yeh screw that think i’ll play something else for a while!

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