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It’s incredible to think that Chuckie Egg was a game released years ago in 1983 as a game that not only appeared on the BBC Micro, but a whole string of other systems such as the Amstrad CPC, Amiga, C64 and even the ZX Spectrum. Well fast forward to today and thanks to a heads up by Saberman, we have been told that the BBC Micro hacked version of Chuckie Egg called ‘Chukee’ by S.D. Ellington, has been ported over to the Amstrad CPC with the name of Chuckie Egg 3 by Jean-Marie.

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In this fabulous new release for the Amstrad CPC, you play as Hen-House Harry who must collect twelve eggs in each level before the timer runs out. In addition there are piles of seed which may be collected to increase points and stop the countdown timer for a while, but will otherwise be eaten by hens that patrol the level, causing them to pause, if the hens are touched or you fall it’s a loss of life. So yes if you remember this game all those years ago, now’s your chance to play this version of Chuckie Egg with a set of 8 new levels!

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