“NES Pro Magazine has launched on Kickstarter!”

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Do you miss the gaming magazines of the past? Have I got the secret project announcement for you! Introducing NES Pro magazine which just launched on Kickstarter today!

I have been invited to be a part of the staff for NES Pro, a community-driven NES magazine that evokes both the classic magazines of the golden age of gaming with modern diversity, variety, art, and content. A whole host of NES creators and professionals are taking part and coming together to celebrate one of the landmark consoles in gaming history.


Issue #1 will feature:

  • The Journey of The Retro Runner: The Retro Runner gives a complete breakdown of his journey to the top of Ninja Gaiden NES glory.
  • An in-depth interview with NES metal cover band Vomitron.
  • Learn about retired speedrunner ShesChardcore who is battling Parkinson’s and set over 2,000 speedrun world records.
  • An interview with game designer, artist, and producer Jaquiox! We will show off his incredible NES-themed artwork.
  • Each issue will feature a community spotlight article so that our readers can find places to experience the NES and find like-minded people outside of our magazine. Our first issue will feature “The Salsa Shack”, a Discord community created by a very friendly and awesome group of Twitch streamers.  The founding members are some of the best people we have ever met.
  •  8-Bit Steve will be bringing his expertise to the magazine with an article breaking down competitive NES high score chasing.  He will also be providing his “NEStalgic” recurring article where he talks about life, family,  and childhood from his own experiences and path to becoming an NES score expert and book author.
  •  Slackanater is the first person to ever beat Ninja Gaiden on NES without taking damage, and he will be revealing his secrets in this issue. He also loves to brew beer and will be sharing an NES-themed beer recipe.
  • Editor-in-Chief David Giltinan will be providing three articles in the first issue.  One will discuss the roots of classic titles like Mega Man, a second shines the spotlight on “guilty pleasure” NES games, and another highlights great NES games that were made after the console was discontinued.
  •  The Well-Red Mage is providing a syndicated article from his website defining what the term “retro” means and how it applies to the gaming community today. Trust us, it does not mean what you think it means! You will have to read it to find out.
  •  Retro Death Row has brought us a review of one of his favorite homebrew NES games, Flea!
  •  Kelsy Polnik is not only behind our Vomitron and ShesChardcore interviews, but he is also providing a breakdown of the term “NES hard”. He’s only the second person to complete the entire NES library, and the first Canadian to do so. It goes without saying that he has the insight and skills to helping you understand the NES better from a difficulty perspective.
  • Twitch streamer XChristine has an article that helps to answer one of the most common questions when attempting to get getting started in speedrunning. “Which game should I start with for my first speedrun?”
  • Our friend F0ngers is a guitarist and NES lover from Alabama. He will be providing NES guitar tabs and sheet music for some of your favorite NES tracks inside each issue.

NES Pro will be released quarterly and feature a number of articles, editorials, interviews, and more. Learn more at our Kickstarter, hot off the press! You might recognize some of the creators involved.


Please help spread the word and don’t forget to check out NES Pro on Kickstarter!


Red formerly ran The Well-Red Mage and now serves The Pixels as founder, writer, editor, and podcaster. He has undertaken a seemingly endless crusade to talk about the games themselves in the midst of a culture obsessed with the latest controversy, scandal, and news cycle about harassment, toxicity, and negativity. 
Pick out his feathered cap on Twitter @thewellredmage or Mage Cast.

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