PS5 Pro Release Window Projected to Be in “2023/4,” Suggests TCL

An official presentation in Poland by TV manufacturer TCL Technology suggests that the PS5 Pro will release in “2023/4.” According to a slide in the presentation, the company projects that the mid-gen PS5 console upgrade will arrive alongside a new Xbox Series S/X console too as part of what it calls console “Gen 9.5.”

What TCL expects the PS5 Pro specs will be

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As revealed by Polish tech site PPE, TCL Technology expects that the PS5 Pro will be arriving within the next two years and believes that it will come with considerable hardware upgrades. The company anticipates that these mid-gen consoles will have “2160p/60-120 render” compared to the “1440p/60-120 render” for the standard PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Similarly, it believes they will have “UHD-8K/60-120 output” with the new AMD Radeon “RX7700XT GPU” compared to “UHD/60-120 output” and “RX6700XT GPU” for the current-gen consoles, though this is likely a general placeholder as to what the manufacturer expects from the upgraded hardware.

It’s unclear whether TCL is merely making projections of the next PS5 and Xbox Series X|S mid-gen upgrades, or if the company knows more about what Sony and Microsoft are planning. For now, we can safely place this near the top of the speculation folder, as TCL is one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if it is privy to more confidential information on the PS5 Pro than most.

Speculation of the PS5 Pro was also sparked by an AMD job listing posted earlier this month that was looking for a System-on-Chip Verification Engineer to be part of “the team behind the chip powering Xbox, PlayStation, and the latest RDNA graphics chip.” A recent report on DigiTimes believes that Sony is asking its manufacturing partners to start production of an upgraded PS5 within the next two years as well.

In other news, Sony is reportedly fixing the PS Plus upgrade pricing for discounted users after backlash, and Dimensional Ink’s Marvel MMO has been canceled just six months after its announcement.

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