V Rising dedicated server setup guide

You may not believe it, but the simplest, most buttery-smooth gameplay you’ll experience on the latest survival hotness comes from a V Rising dedicated server. Of course, that might not be the way you want to join over 500,000 other players (opens in new tab) online. Here I’ll look over how to host your own server and how to play multiplayer in V Rising. (That is of course if you’re of the “more than Valheim with vampires (opens in new tab)” crowd, not the “why is Dracula doing home improvement (opens in new tab)” crowd.)

To set up a V Rising server, you’ll either act as a local host, host a server on your gaming PC, or set up a dedicated server using your own hardware. You can also rent a dedicated server, which for V Rising officially comes from GPortal (opens in new tab), though there are other providers.

Local hosting

Hosting locally in V Rising

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