Best MSI gaming laptop deals 2022

The best MSI gaming laptops have all the speed and elegance of an ancient dragon. Ok, well maybe not an actual dragon but they do deliver smooth framerates in style. MSI is a name associated with powerful gaming components and can be found in our list of the best gaming laptops (opens in new tab) around. So I thought it best to find you the best prices on MSI gaming laptops. This week I programmed my super secret deal-finding bots to scour the entire internet for the best MSI gaming laptop deals out there. 

If you’re after true portability without sacrificing performance, the MSI Stealth Thin takes full advantage of Nvidia’s Max-Q technology, with a slim-line chassis that weighs in at less than five pounds. You’d have a tough time finding a better gaming laptop giving the same level of portability, without ducking out on FPS.

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