Sony expects to earn $300 million from PC games in the next 12 months

Sony recently released a business segment briefing for shareholders with the grandiose title, PlayStation: The Road to Profitable Transformation (opens in new tab). Between declarations the PS5 would be Sony’s “Biggest Platform Ever” and that Sony Group collaborations like the Uncharted movie and a Deathloop Madison beer remix would “Build Brand Relevancy” and “Amplify IP Synergies” is a section more relevant to us in PC gaming land.

“Exponential Growth to be Sustained by PC Titles Beyond FY22” it declares, above a bar graph of three years’ worth of net sales on PC. It shows that in financial year 2020 Sony made $35 million from PC sales, a number that jumped to $80 million in financial year 2021, which just ended on March 31. The prediction for financial year 2022 is another massive leap, all the way to $300 million in net sales on PC.

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