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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight. I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as e look back at the most impressive user-created works from the past week! While some people thought it was a quiet week for games, the community and the site’s staff members kept things busy.

First, Jeff Bakalar was a a guest on the weekly video game podcast The Besties! Before you ask, yes, Jerf talked about pinball. Speaking of Jeff B., a few Giant Bomb members have been asking about being able to watch The Very Online Show on YouTube and he wants you to know that the site has you covered with the Nuke Dot Com YouTube account!

Rorie has an important update for the Giant Bomb MtG Kamigawa Community Tournament! Many thanks to those of you still participating! If you are interested in signing up for a future tournament, drop a comment and tell Rorie you would be interested in him hosting another tournament.

On a more frustrating note, The Giant Bomb team is aware of members getting logged out of the site. An engineer will look into the issue after the weekend and Rorie will report back when the issue has been resolved.

Finally, the 12th annual Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run is set to start in about ONE MONTH! This is the community-run Spring charity drive! Get the details on how to help or join, and expect more details to emerge as the event draws nearer.



Jeff Bakalar Is Human Shrek (By: @kone)

Kone has some AMAZING Jeff Bakalar fan art with this one photoshopping his face to fit the shape and look of Shrek! Thank them for their work of “art” by clicking the link. As I always say, Kone is a master of creating nightmare fuel.


Moderator thatpinguino has some
Moderator thatpinguino has some “big” plans for the GBCER this year.

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run XII Announcement Thread: Now With A Kickoff Show! (By: @thatpinguino)

As mentioned earlier, we have about ONE MONTH before the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run kicks off! Right now, the event is trying to recruit more streamers and participants. If you are interested in join the fun, click the link and learn how you can participate!

Group Password For The GB Community (By: @instinct666)

Hey community members still playing Elden Ring! We officially have an UNOFFICIAL Group Password! If you want to increase the chances of summoning a Giant Bomb player to your game, here’s how to do it!


The Wheel of Ukraineous Video Games 01-02: Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments and Darkened Skye (By: @arbitrarywater)

[insert Justin McElroy reference]
[insert Justin McElroy reference]

ArbitraryWater is starting a new blog series on Giant Bomb called “The Wheel of Ukraineous Video Games,” a celebration of video games made in the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Obviously, they started things right with a Sherlock game from Frogwares Game Development Studio!

They Made A Magic: The Gathering Visual Novel Tie-In For Kamigawa And It’s Already The Worst Thing I’ve Played This Year (By: @zombiepie)

On a whim, and don’t ask why, moderator ZombiePie decided to play Kamigawa: A Visual Novel and they share in excruciating detail why it’s by far the worst thing they have played in 2022.

The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was – Phase One (By: @danielkempster)

What am I even looking at?
What am I even looking at?

A new episode of danielkempster’s serial blog project about their efforts to complete a comprehensive playthrough of all three first-generation Pokémon games is up! Read what it was like beating the first gym leader three times!

PokéGenerated: Yellow (Gen 1) (By: @daavpuke)

If you are interested to read more quality Pokémon content on Giant Bomb, then user Daavpuke has you covered! They decided to revisit Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition and see if the gimmick entry in Generation 1 still holds up.

Indie Game of the Week 261: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine + 64 in 64: Episode 6 (By: @mento)

We have not one, but TWO new Pokémon blog series kicking into high gear this week!
We have not one, but TWO new Pokémon blog series kicking into high gear this week!

The latest episode of Mento’s “Indie Game of the Week” blog series is all about Kelvin and the Infamous Machine! Read to find out if this point-and-click adventure game by Blyts is worth giving a shot! Also, for anyone nostalgic for the N64, moderator Mento has another one of their “64 in 64” blog posts! See how slightly over one hour of Diddy Kong Racing and Fighter Destiny 2 treated them!

What’s the Greatest Video Game: Down in Bermuda (By: @imunbeatable80)

imunbeatable80 checks out Down in Bermuda in their latest “What’s the Greatest Video Game” blog! If, like me, you hadn’t heard about the game until now, this is a highly educational write-up definitely worth a read!

Discussion Threads

Run 2 The Hills Announced (Jan And Jess Are Playing Silent Hill 2) (By: @finaldasa)

If you are not looking forward to this, then you do not like fun.
If you are not looking forward to this, then you do not like fun.

How many users out there are excited to watch season two of Run for the Hills, titled “Run 2 The Hills?” What do you think is in store for Jan and Jeff for their Silent Hill 2 playthrough? Personally, I can’t wait for their Silent Hill 3 coverage.

Humble Bundle’s Stand With Ukraine Bundle Now Live (By: @finaldasa)

In case you missed it, Humble Bundle is hosting a new “Stand With Ukraine” charity bundle. How many] users picked up the package? What do you think are the video game highlights? Join the conversation using the link above!

Bundle for Ukraine ( Recommendations (By: @magnetphonics)

For those community members that have bought the Bundle for Ukraine from, what do you think are the highlights in the package? Share your recommendations for people overwhelmed by the amount of software in the package!

Elden Ring’s Patch Just Added More Modern Or Ease Of Use Additions. Nonfans – Does This Fix Most Of Your Issues With The Game? (By: @topcyclist)

So… that Elden Ring update sure is “something.” Do you like or hate the new balance changes to the game? How do you feel about the Mimic Tear nerf? Share your stance on these incredibly “controversial” talking points RIGHT NOW!

Elden Ring Illusory Wall In Volcano Manor Discussion Thread (By: @atheistpreacher)

This seems to have gotten some people upset.
This seems to have gotten some people upset.

Speaking of Elden Ring, what do you make of the current controversy surrounding the illusory wall in Volcano Manor that took fifty hits to open? Do you think this is a programming glitch that got past QA testing or a sign that From Software “went too far” in how they designed Elden Ring? Share your two cent’s worth using the link above!

Now That Elden Ring Is Out. What Is The Hardest Yet Fair Popular Soulslike Game? DLC Included (By: @topcyclist)

When it comes to Soulslike games, which one do you think best embodies the “hard, yet fair” mantra of the genre? Do you think it is a mainline numbered Dark Souls game or a Souls adjacent titled like Nioh or Bloodborne?

What DOES Mario Say When He Throws Bowser? (By: @sombre)

Some of you need to get your ears irrigated.
Some of you need to get your ears irrigated.

We have a debate raging on the forums discussing what Mario says in Super Mario 64 whenever he throws or tosses Bowser. Here is what the community has shared thus far, and if you have any input, feel free to post a comment!

The Moral Quandary Of Re-Selling. (By: @fingerprints)

Here’s a discussion thread on the forums that has a lot of users sharing their thoughts. Is there a moral quandary in reselling computer and console hardware? Can you resell hardware without garner the “scalper” label?

Elden Ring Build Sharing Thread (By: @vallian88)

For those of you still playing Elden Ring, what are some of the character or class builds you have played around with? Have you tried pure magic or pure Strength builds? Share your favorite or experimental builds with the rest of the community.

Redout 2 Gameplay Trailer Is Here (A Similar Game To F-Zero And Wipeout) (By: @gtxforza)

Some of you sure are having a fun time making characters in Elden Ring.
Some of you sure are having a fun time making characters in Elden Ring.

Are there any users that have seen the Redout 2 trailer? If you haven’t, here’s a link to the community thread where you can give it a watch and share what you think of what has been shown of it!

Returnal 3.0 & Endless Mode Discussion Thread (By: @atheistpreacher)

How does everyone in the community feel about the Tower of Sisyphus update for Returnal? Is a new endless mode enough to bring you back to the game? Is there anything else in the 3.0 update you are excited about?

Do You Shower In The Morning, Or In The Evening? (By: @sombre)

The poll of the week pertains to a topic everyone can relate to: when you shower, morning or evening? Vote for and discuss your preference by clicking the link above.

Tweaked Handling & 60 FPS Support Coming to The Crew 2 (PS5 & Xbox Series X Upgrade) (By: @gtxforza)

No Caption Provided

The Crew 2 is all set to get new content and PS5 & Xbox Series X performance improvements… five years after its release! Are there any users out there still playing the game? Are you surprised support is still coming?

What Is The Longest It’s Taken For You To Acquire A Console From Its Original Release Date? (By: @sometingbanuble)

Inspired by the last two batches of consoles, what is the longest it has taken you to acquire a console from its original release? Feel free to share examples of you purchasing a retro console years after its release as well!


No Caption Provided

Sega Genesis Games (By: @starleafgirl)

starleafgirl decided to take the time to annotate all of their favorite games on the Sega Genesis! Use the link to read all about the Genesis experiences they think still hold up to this day!

Best Non-2021 Games I Played In 2021 (By: @bigevil1987)

bigevil1987 suddenly remembered all of the games they played in 2021 that were not released in 2021. Read all about their classic gaming highlights and lowlights from last year.

User Reviews

Should Lesnar's pectoral tattoo become the new HHH's hair graphical test for all WWE 2K games?
Should Lesnar’s pectoral tattoo become the new HHH’s hair graphical test for all WWE 2K games?
  • @bantha_fodder-5 has been playing WWE 2K22 for a while now and reviews why the game not being a buggy mess is a welcomed change of pace, but it’s still not the best playing wrestling experience in the world.
  • @retrogimp‘s Mario Kart: Super Circuit review articulates why it is by far one of the GBA’s highlights and still holds up after all of these years.


Hot Pot For One

No Caption Provided

Many thanks to @marino for keeping the community informed about this significant milestone on the Giant Bomb wiki. The database has just recently crossed the 80,000 games mark, and this is the game that did it! Many thanks to everyone, both new and old, that helped in making this all possible.

Great… now I’m hungry.

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