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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight. I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best community-created works from the past week!

Well, we have a lot to discuss this week in terms of charity and overall site-related stuff. As most of you are interested in the latter, let’s talk about those first. Many of you have been using the forums to ask about when certain premium shows will be returning, and many of the questions are already answered on the Programming Schedule and Show Notes page. If a program is not on the page, you can assume it will not air this week.

Now let’s talk about bugs on the site. First, several of you reported that the “All Videos” premium RSS feeds are missing content, and Mr. Rorie has an update on the situation and has filed a ticket! Second, those that have experienced issues video issues related to the RSS feeds, API, set top boxes, and apps. Again, Mr. Rorie has an update and wrote something up about the possible sources of these issues! Finally, many of you are still reporting that you are constantly getting logged out of Giant Bomb. Mr. Rorie has taken the step of consolidating all of the tickets about the issue and hopes to report back on the progress the engineers have made on this issue shortly.

In other news, I want to thank everyone in the Giant Bomb Community that donated to my charity drive last week! For those of you that do not know, I (ZombiePie) will be participating in the GBCER and need help reaching my fundraising goal. Even if you can only spare a small donation in the single digits, every bit helps. Right now, I’d like to be able to reach $1,000 before the official start of the event. If you can’t donate, please consider spreading the word.

The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run Charity Event!

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run XII Announcement Thread: Now With Wheels and Blocks! (By: @thatpinguino)

Donate what you can for the kids!

As mentioned earlier, we have about ONE WEEK before the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run kicks off! Right now, the event is trying to recruit more streamers and participants. If you are interested in join the fun, click the link and learn how you can participate!

My Plans For The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run Charity Event (i.e., ALRIGHT FINE! I’ll Play Lightning Returns!) (By: @zombiepie)

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run charity stream announcement blog is up! Read all about my schedule and donation incentives, including my pizza challenge with John Drake!

[GBCER XII] 24 HOURS of Project Zomboid for Charity! (By: @meatsofevil)

24 hours of this game sounds... rough.
24 hours of this game sounds… rough.

meatsofevil is laying out everything they have planned for the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run! Read all about how they plan to play Project Zomboid for 24 hours!

PersonZ’s Push-Up Club Returns with the Community Endurance Run XII (By: @personz)

PersonZ is taking a note from Dave Lang and will be holding their own “push up club” for charity! Read all about their plans for the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run, the Spring community-run charity drive!



E3 Photo Album (By: @marino)

Whether it was being in attendance from 1997 to 2006 or working remotely for Giant Bomb, E3 has been a checkpoint in Marino’s life every summer for 25 years. The jokes and hot takes are mostly valid, and we knew this day was coming, but it’s still sad to see it go.

If you know Marino, he photographs basically everything at conventions he goes to. Here’s his YouTube playlist of his best shots from 1999 to 2006.


Signs Of The Sojourner Is The 6th Selection Of The UUGPGC! Finish By April 11 To Participate. Mark All Spoilers! (By: @bigsocrates)

It's time to talk about cards with the latest UUGPGC pick!
It’s time to talk about cards with the latest UUGPGC pick!

Signs of the Sojourner is the 6th selection for the Giant Bomb Unofficial Game Pass Game Club! Learn how you can participate in the NON-SPOILER community discussion for this indie deck builder by clicking the link above!

Group Password For The GB Community (By: @instinct666)

Hey community members still playing Elden Ring! We officially have an UNOFFICIAL Group Password! If you want to increase the chances of summoning a Giant Bomb player to your game, here’s how to do it!


Yup, this sure looks like
Yup, this sure looks like “one of those!”

That’s Good, That’s Bad: Elden Ring (By: @purpleshyguy)

PurpleShyGuy noticed that they said “Oh… that’s good” and “Oh… that’s bad” a lot while playing Elden Ring like the famous Simpsons bit. Read on their blog the parts of the game that made them smile and groan!

Count Your Sheep Before They Hatch (By: @eccentrix)

If you are in the mood for something “different” try reading eccentrix’s love letter to Sleep Clock, a DSiWare app that they still to this day consider the best alarm clock they have ever seen or used.

The Games I Played In 2021 And Some Other Stuff (By: @sombre)

Games helping with sleep schedules isn't something I expected to read this week.
Games helping with sleep schedules isn’t something I expected to read this week.

sombre finally sat down to write about every single game they played in 2021! Read all about the games they loved and hated last year and why games weren’t exactly at the top of their priority list.

What’s the Greatest Video Game(s): Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father + 20th Anniversary (By: @imunbeatable80)

It’s time for old-school adventure gaming with imunbeatable80’s latest “What’s the Greatest Video Game” blog! This episode is all about Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Read how they thing its puzzle design has aged!

64 in 64: Episode 8 + Indie Game of the Week 263: Inbento (By: @mento)

Oh... this puzzle.
Oh… this puzzle.

It’s time to get nostalgic for Bomberman 64 and Neversoft Entertainment‘s Spider-Man on Mento’s latest “64 in 64” blog post on the site! Likewise, the latest episode of their “Indie Game of the Week” series is all about Inbento from developer Afterburn! See if they felt this indie puzzler had any legs in a crowded puzzle game market

Discussion Threads

E3 2022 Apparently Canceled (By: @rorie)

The end of an era?
The end of an era?

The announced cancellation of E3 2022 didn’t exactly take the community by surprise, but who do you think are the main benefactors and losers of the announcement? Join the discussion using the link above!

New PlayStation Plus Tiers Revealed (By: @isomeri)

The community is still processing the newly announced tiers for PlayStation Plus! What do you make of the “rebrand” for the service and its trio of tiers? Do any of you imagine yourself buying Premium?

Activision Blizzard Pays 18 Million Dollar Settlement In Sexual Harassment Suit (By: @sweep)

Which tier sounds good to you?
Which tier sounds good to you?

For those community members that wish to discuss the Activision Blizzard $18 million dollar sexual harassment settlement, here’s the link to the community discussion thread. However, please do so in a way that respects the victims.

Dumbest Mistake You’ve Made After Taking A Break From A Game? (By: @rejizzle)

Here’s a fun discussion on the forums! What’s the dumbest mistake you made after taking a break from a game? I’ll share how after taking a break from every Rockstar game, I always forget you need to tap the run button and not hold it.

How Is Q1 2022 For Gaming In General So Far? (By: @gtxforza)

Did anyone actually think this game was coming out this year?
Did anyone actually think this game was coming out this year?

How does the community feel about the first quarter of 2022 in terms of games and gaming? What were the highlights and lowlights from the past few months? Click the link and join the conversation!

BOTW2 Has Been Delayed To Spring 2023 (By: @rorie)

What is everyone’s reaction to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel (Working Title) being delayed to 2023? Someone on the forums pointed out the writing was on the wall when they announced Xenoblade for the fall at the last Direct.

Your Wish List For The Next Forza Game? (By: @gtxforza)

It seems like we can never escape some type of car talk on this site... I wonder why.
It seems like we can never escape some type of car talk on this site… I wonder why.

Nearly a month after the release of Gran Turismo 7, members of the Forza Motorsport are debating quality of life features and lessons it can learn from GT7! If you have thoughts, share them!

Uninterruptible Power Supply Questions (By: @cikame)

Are there any PC enthusiasts that have recommendations for Uninterruptible Power Supplies? If you own one, and have any general tips about how to make an informed purchasing decision for one, drop a comment in the following thread!


Favorite Games (2022 Update) (By: @tk_frampt)

I would love to see more try this concept.
I would love to see more try this concept.

TK_Frampt was feeling risky and decided to share their all-time favorite games list with their friends on Discord. While they listed the games, they transcribed the comments that their Discord “friends” made in response.

Community Reviews

People are still having fun with Tunic!
People are still having fun with Tunic!
  • @igort‘s Tunic review shares why they definitely enjoyed the game and recommend it for most people who enjoy the Zelda formula for action-adventure games.
  • @nathansolomon finally got around to playing Bluepoint’s remaster of Shadow of the Colossus, but share why they couldn’t get over its old-school camera controls or structural rough edges.
  • @allthedinos gave Resident Evil Village a deep look for their latest review on the site! Read why they had an absolute blast with the game, despite its low points.



It's so hard... to say goodbye...
It’s so hard… to say goodbye…

I don’t know about you, but Giant Bomb’s coverage of E3 was always something I looked forward to, and maybe even more than their GOTY content. Luckily, the site’s AMAZING wiki pages for each year’s event is a repository for everything there is to know.

From the show’s inception to the Atlanta years, from return to LA to the dark times, and from the resurrection to the end. We have breakdowns of all the big news, recaps of press conferences, Game Critics Awards winners, and thousands of photos. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic, dive right in.

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