Elden Ring Caelid Divine Tower: How to get there

Wondering how to get to the Caelid Divine Tower in Elden Ring? I’m sure you’ve seen it if you’ve done any exploring in the rot-infested region—it’s pretty hard to miss, let’s face it. But knowing where it is and actually getting to the top to activate your Great Rune (opens in new tab) are two different things entirely.

Aside from the one in Liurnia, each Divine Tower in Elden Ring corresponds to the Great Runes you receive from the Shardbearers in the Lands Between. For example, the Limgrave Divine Tower (opens in new tab) activates Godrick’s rune, while the one in Caelid activates the rune you get from Radahn. It’s not a simple case of walking in through the front door though, so this guide will show you how to get inside. Here’s how to get to the Caelid Divine Tower in Elden Ring. 

How to get to the Caelid Divine Tower 

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