Stray PS5 PS4 Release Date Leak Ahead of State of Play

BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive’s upcoming third-person cat adventure game Stray may get a release date soon according to the latest leak. An entry on the PlayStation database claims the game might be released as early as July. If this is the case, players can probably expect an announcement during the upcoming PlayStation State of Play show announced today.

A potential release date for Stray

In an entry on the PlayStation Database, Stray is supposed to be released at 8AM PT on July 19. However, as PlayStation Game Size points out, there is a chance this is a placeholder date and time. The official release window at the moment is just 2022. If the game is due to be released within the next couple of months, though, it is highly likely it will be making an appearance at the State of Play show that will take place next week on June 2. The 30-minute show will feature games from Sony’s third-party partners, which means Stray would be an ideal candidate.

As the title suggests, Stray features a stray cat who gets separated from his family in a long-forgotten city currently home to droids and other dangerous creatures. While the neon-lit alleys of the cyber city may look welcoming on the surface, an ancient mystery and hidden threats lie in the shadows. Together with a flying drone known as B12, the cat needs to explore the city and find a way to escape, but only when that mystery is solved.

In other news, Striking Distance Studios’ new game The Callisto Protocol is no longer set within the PUBG universe. Josh Duhamel has also been confirmed to be taking on the role of lead protagonist Jacob Lee. Elsewhere, Square Enix has confirmed Forspoken will not have any microtransactions with all mentions of in-game purchases referring to future premium DLC expansions instead.

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