That Asus 500Hz gaming monitor isn’t for us

Computex has basically wrapped up for us gamers now, which might sound surprising to you if you didn’t have a clue it was on. It’s true, the show did happen in this year, in-person in Taipei no less, but it’s not been a massive event for PC gaming news. Most of the stuff we care about came from AMD’s keynote speech—where it announced more details on its upcoming Zen 4 processors (opens in new tab)—and Nvidia’s surprise announcement of a 500Hz gaming monitor (opens in new tab) in collaboration with Asus.

Indeed, a 500Hz monitor is a pretty spectacular claim. The ROG Swift has been upgraded once again to deliver an even more extreme refresh rate than in year’s gone, and one that easily runs circles most of today’s best gaming monitors (opens in new tab). I thought 165Hz was neat, but then my dreams were crushed by 240Hz, then 360Hz, and now 500Hz.

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