The ’90s Virtua Fighter anime is coming to Blu-ray

The ’90s anime series based on Virtua Fighter is set to get a Blu-ray release.

Discotek Media announced on Twitter that it will be releasing the entire series later this year in North America (meaning it will be a Region A disc).

Because the original show was in standard definition, the set will be what Discotek calls an ‘SD on BD’ release.

This means that although the show will be on a Blu-Ray disc, they’ll be presented in standard definition.

As such, the entire series will also likely be stored on only one or two discs.

The Virtua Fighter anime made its debut on Japanese TV in October 1995, and lasted until June 1996.

Although the show was licensed in North America by Anime Works, only 24 of the series’ 35 episodes were dubbed to English, meaning the final 11 episodes were never released in the west.

According to Discotek, the new Blu-Ray release will include the Japanese language audio and English subtitles for all 35 episodes.

However, it will also include the original Anime Works English language dub for the 24 episodes that received one.

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Earlier this year, Discotek released the entire series of cult ’90s Saturday morning cartoon The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

This was also an ‘SD on BD’ release, meaning all 65 episodes were included on two discs, with Discotek claiming it was “closest to the master video this will ever look”.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was produced by DiC Entertainment and Sega of America, and ran from 1993 to 1996.

The show followed Sonic and Tails as they defended their home of Mobius from Dr Robotnik and his Badnik helpers, including a chicken called Scratch, a mole called Grounder and a monkey called Coconuts.

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