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Welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back on the best community-created works from the previous week.

First, in case you missed it, Rorie dropped a comment in regards to the current state of Giant Bomb premium. While it doesn’t address everything, definitely check it out if you haven’t read it yet.

Continuing with the site-related housekeeping, for those of you that noticed the “Manage Cookies” button on the lower left part of the site, the engineers are aware of the problem and will try to have a solution soon! Feel free to drop a comment in the thread provided in the link above if you continue to experience this issue well into the week or it is making site navigation especially difficult right now. With all of that in mind, let’s jump into the proper Community Spotlight!



Calvin Peeing With Portals (By: @jimprov)

The artists on Twitter had a FIELD DAY with the latest Voicemail Dump Truck’s suggestions about how to update the Calvin peeing car decal. jimprov was one of those to throw their hat into the ring and they even took it a step further with their second design!


Giant Bomb x Calvin Peeing Recycle Bin Decal (By: @kone)

Kone is back and also had a riot of a time taking the Voicemail Dump Truck’s Calvin decal ideas and turning it into a Giant Bomb-themed decal for your local municipalities to use on your recycle bins.


Exo One Is The 8th Selection Of The UUGPGC! May 16 Completion Date. Spoilers Are Now Open! +

Unsanctioned Unofficial Game Pass Game Club Voting Thread For Cycle Starting 5/30/2022 (By: @bigsocrates)

Some heavy-hitters to vote for this week!
Some heavy-hitters to vote for this week!

The Community Game Pass Game Club has opened its discussion about Exo One to spoilers! So far, most of the comments have been negative about the game, so, if you enjoyed it, consider commenting! Speaking of which, it is time to vote for a new game for the Unofficial Community Game Pass Game Club! The nominees include Telling Lies, Carrion, Paradise Killer, Olija, and Procession to Calvary! Vote for your pick NOW!


I Played Metal Gear Rising In 2022 (Again) And It’s Still A Complete Thrill Ride (By: @humanity)

This game sure is a thing that exists.
This game sure is a thing that exists.

Humanity decided to play Metal Gear Rising in 2022 and pens on the site why they still consider it an absolute thrill worth seeking out to this day! Whether you agree or disagree, join their discussion about the game over here!

Indie Game of the Week 271: Alwa’s Legacy +

Mega May Madness: Tougi-Ou: King Colossus +

Mega May Madness: Popful Mail (By: @mento)

Good to see some games depict necromancy as not entirely evil.
Good to see some games depict necromancy as not entirely evil.

Alwa’s Legacy is the topic of Mento’s latest “Indie Game of the Week” blog and you can read what their impressions were of its action-adventure platforming. Tougi-Ou: King Colossus is a game even dedicated fans of the Genesis/Mega Drive would struggle to remember, but not Mento! Use the second link to see if this action-adventure RPG Zelda-like is worth a cursory look today. Finally, do any of you remember Working Designs? Well, if you want to reminisce about old-school translations of games and anime, might I interest you in Mento’s latest blog about Popful Mail on the Sega CD? It’s a real trip down memory lane!

Ranking of Mainline Resident Evil Games Part 1: Resident Evil (HD Remaster) (By: @brg)

BRG is starting a new blog series on the site where they “scientifically” rank every single mainline Resident Evil game from best to worst. They started things off with the HD Remaster of Resident Evil.

What’s the Greatest Video Game: Dishonored (By: @imunbeatable80)

If you don't know that much about Outward, then consider reading justjim89's blog!
If you don’t know that much about Outward, then consider reading justjim89’s blog!

It is time to get a little stealthy with imunbeatable80’s latest “What’s the Greatest Video Game?” blog post! Click the link to read all about their thoughts about Dishonored and if the first game still holds up!

A Journey Outward (By: @justjim89)

justjim89 decided to give Outward a whirl recently and relays how its single play and co-op survival elements hold up! If you want to see what has been added to the game recently, give their blog a read on Giant Bomb by clicking the link above!

My Amico Obsession Led Me To Play And Finish Rigid Force Redux. It’s Okay, But Shows The Amico Couldn’t Work. (By: @bigsocrates)

It's time for some 2D Souls-like action!
It’s time for some 2D Souls-like action!

bigsocrates’ fascination with the Amico led to them checking out Rigid Force Redux, a game that is planned to have an “enhanced” Amici port. Read why they think the Switch version proves the folly of the Amico.

The Good, The Inexplicable, And The Lazy (By: @atheistpreacher)

AtheistPreacher tried to give Salt and Sacrifice a whirl and as they discuss on the site, they were not too impressed. Use the link to read why the game struggled to maintain their interest and why they ended up going back to The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile as a reference to the developer’s earlier works.

Trespassing on Dinosaur Island (By: @arbitrarywater)

ArbitraryWater played Trespasser recently as part of their quest to play dubious FPS games from the past and they ended up doing a deep dive on what makes it both a failure and a compelling experiment.

Discussion Threads

Do You Prefer To Put Points Into Stats Or Auto Level? (By: @finaldasa)

Not all auto level systems are created equal.
Not all auto level systems are created equal.

When playing RPGs, do you like allocating points into stats or do you prefer the game auto level your characters? Can you think of games that have done fixed stat growth well?

Licensed Video Games, Were They Ever Really That Bad? (By: @zekedunbar51-11-11)

There’s a new discussion thread on the forums titled “Licensed video games, were they ever really that bad?” and the replies to it are some of the best you will find on the internet all week!

Willow TV Series (By: @monkeyking1969)

monkeyking1969 with the hard SCIENCE!
monkeyking1969 with the hard SCIENCE!

How many users out there either grew up with Willow or even remember the original movie? If either applies to you, what is your reaction to the recently announced Disney+ TV series? Did you like Netflix’s The Dark Crystal?

Gran Turismo TV Series Is Confirmed (By: @gtxforza)

The community is still trying to figure out how you make a TV series based on the Gran Turismo IP considering a show is coming in the near future. What do you think they are going to do? Will it be a Top Gear clone or a fictional series with a storyline?

How Good Does Elder Scrolls 6 And Starfield Need To Be? (By: @cikame)

Does this screencap mean anything to you?
Does this screencap mean anything to you?

Here’s a discussion thread that seems to be drawing a lot of responses on the forums: how good does The Elder Scrolls 6 need to be in order for it to not be considered a disappointment? What can the next game learn from all of the video games that have come out since Skyrim?

What Genres Have You Fallen Out Of Love With? (By: @banefirelord)

Now here’s a discussion thread almost everyone can relate to: what are some video game genres that you have fallen out of love for as you have gotten older? Are there games you mentally or physically can no longer play?

Someone Has Made A True Co-Op Mod For Elden Ring (By: @rorie)

Did any of you check this out? If so, how quickly did it break?
Did any of you check this out? If so, how quickly did it break?

The Elden Ring mod that adds seamless co-op will have a public beta! How many of you got around to checking it out? Do you think this is something that will ever get added to the game officially?

Do You Ever Listen To Themed Music Or Soundtracks When Reading A Book Based On A Franchise? (By: @spacemanspiff00)

Ask the title asks, have any of you listened to video game music while reading a book? Are you one of those types that requires absolute silence before they can get intro a book? What are some ways you have mixed video game music into your non-gaming life?

2022 Opinion On VR? (By: @physicalscience)

Have any of you changed on VR and bit the bullet?
Have any of you changed on VR and bit the bullet?

In 2022, where does everyone stand regarding VR and VR games? Have any of you made the leap and bought a VR headset or setup? Are some of you still dead set against it? Join the discussion NOW!

What’s The Worst Game You’ve Played Due To Vinnyitus (Series Completionism)? Ever Stopped A Series Because Of It? (By: @bigsocrates)

bigsocrates has coined the term “Vinnyitus” in honor of Vinny to describe bad games you have played due to series completionism. If you can think of personal examples, feel free to share them in this thread.


RetroAchievements Wishlist (By: @daniel_newton)

Again, check out both of the lists we have this week and please consider making your own permutation of either!
Again, check out both of the lists we have this week and please consider making your own permutation of either!

Like many on the site, Daniel_Newton has started to get into RetroAchievements! So much so, they made a list annotating their retro achievement “wishlist!” Give it a read and don’t forget to consider making your own list!

The Best Alphabet (By: @marino)

You should check out the interesting list Marino made where they annotated their favorite game in their collection starting with each letter of the English alphabet! It’s a fun viewing experience, but think about which games would be on your list!



Hail Satan!
Hail Satan!

Wiki Page of the Week is Satan! No, seriously, check out the site’s shockingly detailed character page for Satan as there is a lot to learn how they have been depicted in video games over the years!

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