Dino Crisis image spotted on PS Plus in Asia

PS Plus subscribers in Asia have spotted artwork for PS1 classic Dino Crisis, suggesting it could be added to the service soon.

Currently, the game is not included in the catalogue, which – judging by its Asian launch this week – has fewer games than expected.

However, users in Asia have spotted artwork of the lead character from Dino Crisis used as the cover for classic games, suggesting it could be added soon.

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As spotted by Resetera user Jawmuncher, a number of users have shared screenshots of the Dino Crisis image.

The dinosaur survival horror game was first released on the PS1 in 1999 and is seen as a cult classic of the genre. A remake or remaster is often requested by fans.

It seems like a shoe-in, then, to be included in the service but is yet to be announced. If it is included, it’s unclear yet whether trophies would be added – this has been done for some PS1 classics but not all.

More and more games are showing up in the subscription service, which is rolling out globally over the next few weeks.

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