PUBG developer Krafton sends a PI to a dataminer’s home

Prolific PUGB dataminer, PlayerIGN, has allegedly had “PUBG show up at [their] front door”.

The dataminer revealed that earlier this week, a private investigator turned up at their home and handed them a letter demanding that the leaker’s social media posts be removed.

The letter – allegedly from PUBG developer Krafton – also wanted copies of PlayerIGN’s direct messages in order to decipher “how [they] got said information”.

“A private investigator was just outside my house just now handing me a letter re: KRAFTON having me take down all my social media posts of leaks, provide a full accounting of how much revenue I made, and provide all DM’s of how I got said infos,” PlayerIGN said via a TwitLonger post (thanks, TheGamer).

“For context here are my current thoughts: the leaks I get aren’t me actively seeking out their people/systems for info, but mostly vice versa. The datamines I get of their skins, are from a website that gets updated early right before Test Server goes up. It’s html. I [right-click > save] the images.

“I don’t really know what to do right now. I just want to get some help before I make moves,” they concluded.

PlayerIGN has not tweeted since the PI turned up, and Krafton has yet to publicly comment on the situation.

ICYMI, PUBG’s 17.2 update is now available on PC and mobile, bringing the 1v1 Arena to Training Mode, as well as updates to the Spotter Scope and balance changes to 5.56 Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) and the Mortar.

PUGB – the original, and now free-to-play, battle royale – recently unveiled its 2022 roadmap. Though succinct, the roadmap divides its plans into the categories “world”, “ingame”, and “outgame”. And did you know that upcoming sci-fi horror, The Callisto Protocol, has ditched ties with PUBG universe?

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