The Callisto Protocol is No Longer Set in the PUBG Universe

The Callisto Protocol, the upcoming survival horror game from Striking Distance Studios, is no longer set in the PUBG universe. Instead, it’ll inhabit a separate continuity.

The Callisto Protocol is no longer attached to the PUBG brand

When Striking Distance Studios announced The Callisto Protocol at The Game Awards 2020, it was met with enthusiasm. However, it also perplexed viewers that it was somehow supposed to tie into the PUBG: Battleground universe. This was confusing because there isn’t really a PUBG universe. The game has some lore that Krafton added after the fact through websites and trailers. However, the game itself doesn’t have a ton of character outside of chicken dinner and frying pan memes.

Luckily, The Callisto Protocol won’t have to fit into PUBG lore, according to director Glen Schofield. As development has continued, the story has become its own thing (though he says there will be some nods to PUBG). This is great news as Schofield previously co-created the Dead Space series (the first of which is getting a remake), and has proven that he knows how to make excellent sci-fi horror. Being able to craft the game unfettered will likely result in a better product.

The Callisto Protocol is (fittingly) set on Jupiter’s moon. We’ll take the role of Jacob Lee (played by Josh Duhamel), a prisoner held at the United Jupiter Company prison colony Black Iron. What happens isn’t obvious, but it seems like the prison’s warden orchestrates an alien invasion. Also, the aliens look a lot like necromorphs and invest people by puking their insides into their mouths.

Dead Space was incredible, and we can’t wait to see this spiritual successor when it releases sometime in this year.

In other news, Forsaken won’t have microtransactions, and a new State of Play is coming on June 2.

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