The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player discovers new detail in game’s final memory

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may be well over five years old now, but its community is still uncovering charming little details that have been tucked away by Nintendo. One such find has recently surfaced, and it involves the final memory Link uncovers towards the game’s close.

Those who have played through Breath of the Wild will know that Link slowly starts to regain his memories of the events before and during the Great Calamity as the game progresses (of course, this being Breath of the Wild, you could also blast through without collecting a single one of these memories if facing off against Ganon with the bare essentials is more your thing).

Seven details worth noticing in Breath of the Wild.

The final memory can only be discovered when players have collected the 12 others scattered across Hyrule and cannot be happened upon by accident (which incidentally is how I found most of them – my geographical recognition was pretty poor during my first playthrough).

Impa will guide players towards the final memory by showing Link a picture of its location that she has up on the wall in her house in Kakariko Village. If players wish, they can take a picture of this picture on their Sheikah Slate, but of course they do not have to and could leave Impa’s house there and then.

But YouTuber Bigotilyou has discovered that, depending on if players have a picture on their slate or not, a slightly different cutscene will trigger when Link finds the final memory. If Link has taken a picture, the game will remember this, and Link will open up the slate as he recalls the memory. If he has not taken a picture, he will not bring out his slate, and as a result the cutscene will be shorter. It’s a small difference, but one that further goes to show the attention to detail Nintendo implemented in the game.

You can check out the video comparring the two cutscenes for yourself below.

Breath of the Wild cutscene comparison by Bigotilyou.

Earlier this year, we got the news that Breath of the Wild’s sequel’s release date had been bumped back to “spring 2023”. Along with this announcement, we also got to see a small snippet of footage that showed Link holding a severely damaged Master Sword. This has led to many theories about what this sequel has in store. Hopefully before long we will have more news from Nintendo to accompany these theories, and maybe even the game’s official name.

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