ANBERNIC RG353P Revealed (Another Rushed Handheld Nobody Wants)

I have personally been reviewing ANBERNIC handhelds for many years, I have witnessed them make their debut appearance in the niche, and I have witnessed them create incredible handhelds that will be forever in my personal collection such as the RG351MP.

However recently, I feel like I am slowly witnessing the death of this handheld manufacturer.

Their constant neglect of customer support, and the need to compete with larger more successful handhelds is whats leading them down a dark and lonely path.

This path has caused them to release fluffy, half baked products that constantly miss the mark.

Their attention is elsewhere. Their attention is on building a handheld PC, but even that could be too big of a challenge for ANBERNIC, especially after the news of the AYN Loki and AYA Neo Air.

Every time I see a new handheld be teased by ANBERNIC I cross my fingers and hope it’s something great, perhaps a new ANBERNIC vertical handheld that we have been praying for, but no, it’s often a depressing overpriced handheld that disappoints us, just like the RG552 and the RG503.

And after the news of ANBERNIC blacklisting influencers, it’s obvious that ANBERNIC has a problem higher up in their team, more precisely, someone that isn’t listening to its customers, and instead wants to chase money instead of building a respectable brand.

They have now teased a new handheld called the ANBERNIC RG353P, a handheld that looks exactly like the PocketGo S30 that we reviewed back in January 2021.

As of writing this, there’s no information regarding price, specs nor release dates, but some leaked images gives us a look at the upcoming device.

From what we can tell it’s using a very similar shell to that of the S30, and features two analogue sticks instead of one. It’s likely that they have purchased the rights to the mould as the S30 was (in my eyes) very successful in terms of sales, which may have

credit: keep_game_ on Instagram

If that’s the case (see what we did there), it’s likely to rock a 3.5″ display, with a RK3326 chip and be near identical in terms of size to the PocketGo S30.

We’d be impressed if they used the newer RK3566 chip, as this would price the RG503 too high, but who knows, we expect very little from ANBERNIC these days.

This ANBERNIC RG353P has a couple of different features.

The first feature which sticks out is the addition of the new buttons along with the SNES detailing behind and a small button above the right analogue stick. This could be a new reset button of some kind.

Also, on the back you can see ANBERNIC has added two new grips, so that it doesn’t slide away when placed face down. You can also see the product name on the back too, confirming that this unit is in-fact called the RG353P with a 3500MAH battery capacity.

A AliExpress image was also leaked and it shows the face of the handheld alongside some technical features such as WiFi and bluetooth capabilities.

Overall I am personally not very excited about this product, only because I feel like it’s been done before, there’s little innovation, and handheld gamers are starting to see through ANBERNIC’s greedy intent to repurpose old hardware in a new shell for profit.

ANBERNIC need to go back to their good old days of innovation and metal shells, otherwise they’ll become the new Powkiddy of the Chinese handheld emulation scene.

This release is not yet official, so please take this news with a grain of salt.

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