Death Knights Of Krynn – Amiga – Gaming Memories And Review

Second in the DragonLance line of officially licenced AD&D Gold Box games, 5th overall in the series, Death Knights of Krynn is the “spookiest” of all the Gold Box games. The undead are your primary enemies, shown in a wealth of forms along with 3 undead main villains. The connection with the previous game Champions of Krynn runs deep, making this something special in terms of the sequels. It was the first Gold Box game I fell in love with long ago, shown here on actual Amiga hardware in its intended NTSC mode with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

My written review for Death Knights of Krynn:

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Written reviews:

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All videos/writings in alphabetical order:
00:00 – Introduction
01:26 – Looking at the manual
02:16 – The most sequel of the Gold Box sequels
03:51 – Returning characters/Laying the dead to rest
06:07 – New products /Bandito news from Amazing Computing
07:41 – Review from Amazing Computing
08:15 – Outdoor travel
09:05 – Riddles/Reviewing the reviewer part 1
10:43 – Better combat animation but less portrait animations
11:27 – Death Knights returns to the nonlinear style of Pool of Radiance
12:47 – Most “creepy” Gold Box game
14:11 – Review from Quest Busters/Bazaar
15:45 – Comparison with DOS version
17:00 – The magic system discussed
18:50 – The candle lights the way…
19:40 – Review from Dragon magazine
20:36 – Reading some journal entries
21:19 – Party members not involved in story
22:00 – Ad for Death Knights and sales charts
22:21 – Review from Computer Gaming World
24:04 – Reviewing the reviewer part 2
25:19 – 3 main villains appear throughout game
25:41 – Reading more journal entries
27:52 – Discussing the quality of the journal entries
28:40 – Death Knights fixed all of my complaints from Champions
29:35 – Review from Video Games and Computer Entertainment
31:08 – Villains done incredibly well
32:18 – My hand drawn maps
32:48 – Review from Amiga Action and CU Amiga
33:36 – My gaming memories
34:57 – Review from Australian Commodore and Amiga Review (and response)
35:53 – Review from Amiga Power
37:05 – Reviewing the reviewer part 3
38:35 – Comparison with Commodore 64
39:24 – Final thoughts
40:30 – NSlate
Written reviews:

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All videos/writings in alphabetical order:

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Gaming Memories And Review – Ep. 8×3 – Death Knights of Krynn, Commodore Amiga

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