Eight things to check out during GI Live: Online

GI Live: Online is upon us, and one again we have a plethora of talks to see, roundtables to take part in and businesses to speak to.

We also have a whole host of exciting new indie developers, who are looking to meet publishers, investors and service companies, to help get their next game to market.

We also have a showcase for these indie titles, and here is our selection of games and projects that might be worthwhile checking out over the next two days.

GI Live: Online is a fully digital event that runs Tuesday, May 31st – Wednesday, June 1st. Keynote speakers include Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick and head of ID@Xbox Chris Charla. Tickets are on sale now. For more information on who is going and what there is to do, check out


Having already picked up an award from Nordic Game, and fresh from an appearance at WASD in London, SquadBlast comes to GI Live: Online. Developed by Ultrahorse, the game is a side-scrolling multiplayer tactical shooter.

Meet them at GI Live: Online

The Crow of Whitechapel

It’s London, 1888. You are a crow navigating the streets of Whitechapel. You become the witness of strange encounters and violent murders: will you find the Ripper? The Crow of Whitechapel is a VR adventure mystery game where players must use their observation and exploration skills to solve puzzles set in a rich narrative and cinematographic experience.

Meet them at GI Live: Online

Mars Vice
Rho Labyrinths GmbH

This game is described as a ‘Queer Biopunk Adventure’. The story follows a pair of civil investigators as they track down police corruption in the Martian city of Pavonis. The game boasts branching, non-linear dialogue, it combines visual novel elements with 3D gameplay mechanics, and features plenty of selfies and comedy for good measure.

Meet them at GI Live: Online

Happy Little Planet Saga
Pink Fox Games

Developer Pink Fox Games has created a series of games under the title Happy Little Planet, and have been working on them since 2020. The games teache sustainable habits to preschoolers via games, song, stories, animations and preschool activities.

Meet them at GI Live: Online

Lost Twins 2

Lost Twins 2 is a cute puzzle adventure that’s designed to challenge, entertain and maybe even inspire. Guide Abi and Ben on their journey to find a way back home across a whimsical polygonal playground crafted with an enormous amount of care.

Meet them at GI Live: Online

Grammarian Ltd

Welcome to 2099, where all communication must use correct grammar. Anyone who uses incorrect grammar will accumulate bad credits that lead to getting fired, denied public service, or even jailed.

You will play as a fresh graduate of theoretical mathematics who made grammar your fiftieth(ish) priority. Because of a mix-up, you are now working as a grammar validator in the biggest grammar validation agency. Work your way up from “Junior Passable Intern” to “Editor Extraordinaire.” Upgrade your crummy apartment, buy candy, or ride a helicopter to the office.

Meet them at GI Live: Online

SIGIL: Enter The Gloam
Albedo Informatics Inc.

SIGIL is a funny location-based augmented reality (AR) mobile game that draws upon a rich tapestry of myths, legends and folklore, bringing them to life. Players can explore magical alternate dimensions that transform the world into something not boring, engage in fast-paced magical duels with creatures and harvest and collect ingredients to craft powerful hexes.

Meet them at GI Live: Online

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