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If you have a ZX Spectrum at hand or an emulator installed, chances are you if you were reading IndieRetroNews at the time, you would’ve come across Amawek’s excellent horror game called ‘Virgil’s Purgatory’; a game which celebrated the Modern Art Week in Brazil. Well fast forward to this month, and thanks to Amaweks giving us the heads up just recently, we have been told that same game has also been released for the MSX. As in the words of the creator “Virgil’s Purgatory for ZX and MSX is a metroidvania platformer. The game is based on the 2016 PC version, but has a lot of differences in graphics and level design”.

According to the description for Virgil’s Purgatory which is available as a .tap rom file (ZX) or .rom file (MSX) so you will need a ZX Spectrum and MSX emulator or real hardware to play. This horror title not only features about 30 minutes of full speed run gameplay, but there’s 44 unique screens, lots of different enemies, a throwing your skull game mechanic, Metroidvania(some hate this word) gameplay with platform and action elements, and is inspired by Dante’s Alighieri “Divine Comedy” Brazilian northeast folk literature.

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