Inside video game cookbooks with one of the biz’s top chefs

Today it’s all about cookbooks. More specifically: it’s about cookbooks themed around games, which are all the rage these days. Do you have one? Maybe you’ve got the Destiny cookbook, or perhaps you’ve got the Fallout cookbook. The Final Fantasy 14 cookbook? Or maybe you’re saving yourself for the Halo cookbook in August.

My guest today wrote all of those and she’s currently writing three more. She actually finished writing the Halo cookbook a year ago, though how she pulled recipes from a world like that I don’t know. What does Master Chief even eat? Can he eat? It can’t be easy going to the toilet in that suit.

My guest immerses herself in these worlds to create a kind of extension of them. Check out our piece on the Destiny cookbook to see what I mean. These books include characters and lore from the games as well as something like 70 recipes to cook. They’re more than just food.

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