Stardew Valley fan ditches crops for bops with these rad musical farms

Usually farms in Stardew Valley are reserved for crops, animals and sheds to hoard your countless kegs and chests. But if you’re NetWarrior FM, your farm is a piece of wonderful dirt-coated sheet music filled with all sorts of videogame and pop culture melodies.

As spotted by GamesRadar (opens in new tab), the YouTuber has been making music on their Stardew Valley farms since September 2020. They use carefully placed flute boxes and drum blocks to create the tunes and a path that guides the way through the notes, plus different paths to denote a pause in the music. While some songs—such as Final Fantasy 10’s To Zanarkand and Frozen’s Let it Go—have been created with mods to add more notes to the music blocks, most are done with the vanilla game’s two octaves.

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