V Rising developers talk about the ‘journey’ to full release

Thrilled that their game has reached over one million (opens in new tab) copies sold, the developers of V Rising (opens in new tab) have posted a blog outlining their next steps towards a future release for the indie survival-RPG-but-you’re-vampires game. “The Stunlock team could not have possibly imagined how many of you were out there, ready to awaken from your crypts and step into this little world we’d created,” they said. (opens in new tab)

In short, Stunlock intends to add a lot more to V Rising before it’s done, but they’re cautioning that it’s a lot of work and will take time. Especially since they, like last year’s survival darling Valheim (opens in new tab), have clearly succeeded far beyond their wildest dreams. They can now open up the scope and consider both their own plans and what the community dreams up.

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