Best power supply for PC gaming in 2022

The best power supply (PSU) ensures a steady flow of clean energy to your PC and onwards to each of your components. They’ll also do it with high efficiency, ensuring you don’t waste a bucket load of energy while gaming. Every PC build needs a decent PSU, and modern gaming systems need hefty units, as the power demands of CPUs and GPUs balloon—that’s why it’s more important than ever to pick up one of the best PSUs for your system.

Overly cheap PSUs aren’t worth it, so we chose the ones you want to spend a little more on to know you’re secure. Don’t think of it as wasted cash, however. The best PSUs run flawlessly and can be carried forward to future builds. That also doesn’t mean every PSU we recommend is expensive. They’re not—some PSUs we love are only $50. There’s just a big difference between a cheap PSU from a well-known brand and one from someplace else.

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