Elden Ring secretly made its twin boss fights easier

FromSoftware nerfed some of Elden Ring’s trickiest boss fights without telling anyone. Several twin bosses, like the twin Crystalians or Mad Pumpkin Heads, have had their aggression dialed back to make those fights much easier to manage as a solo player. The change was made in patch 1.04 but wasn’t clear in the patch notes. Dataminer king bore (opens in new tab) found the changes in April and Illusory Wall (opens in new tab) demonstrated it in their latest video.

Before the changes, fighting two bosses at the same time required you to dance between their overlapping attacks. Now, boss AI is less aggressive when they’re not the one of the twins actively attacking you, and the game now generally de-emphasizes bosses attacking at the same time. Fights that were once chaotic as two enemies tried to pummel you are now a lot easier to get a grip on.

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