An Apple I with the CPU signed by the Woz is heading to auction

Hardware from the early days of desktop computing always feels like some sort of magic. None of it holds even a fraction of the computing power that lives in my pocket every day, but it’s fascinating to see what people were able to build long before the world of smartphones. The ingenuity in some of this tech was astounding, and some of it still works, and even sells for a pretty penny today.

One such piece is this Apple- 1 that HotHardWare (opens in new tab) spotted. It’s going up for auction soon. It still has most of its original components, and is in working condition. That’s incredible given that this is one of the original 200 machines designed by Steve Wozniak and was even hand-built. It may be one of 80 still left in existence. But to make it that little bit extra special, this one is also signed by the Woz himself.

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