First Sonic Frontiers footage has both Okami and Halo vibes

Sonic fans can get a bit of a bad press for the community’s crazier moments, but honestly, being a Sonic fan can be a hard old life. Sonic 2 was a big game for me when I was a kid and so my adult life has largely been spent getting excited about Sonic games that look awesome but turn out to be terrible (hello, Sonic Unleashed). Sonic Team has been in the business of breaking hearts for decades, but I can’t help it: I’m excited again.

The trailer makes this look like a dream Sonic game. The aesthetic is gorgeous, green fields stretching off into the distance and bordered by the bluest of skies, while the open world’s topography reminds me of nothing so much as early Halo—something probably only enhanced by the whole ring theme. The combat looks a bit button-mashy but that probably suits a Sonic game where you’re zipping around a vast landscape and bashing through enemies.

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