Just Flight’s Paul Hyslop has passed away

Paul Hyslop of Just Flight has passed away aged 70.

As reported by GI.biz, the industry veteran died on Monday, May 30th, though no cause of death was given. Hyslop had worked in the games industry since 1989, when he was hired by Microprose as an account manager and apparently helped establish the brand in Europe. From there he worked at Eidos and Mastrontric, before joining Just Flight in 2002.

“He treated everyone he met with absolute respect and never discriminated,” Just Flight boss Andy Payne said.

“You could be a junior PR person or designer, or you could be a global video games company CEO and H would treat you in exactly the same way. He took younger members of the industry under his wing, always with a smile and always wanting to see them do well.

“H was very much [a] father, uncle, brother and occasionally a son to so many people. It is a cliché, but everyone loved working with H, you just had to be careful not to take his advice all of the time, given his favourite saying was ‘eating is cheating.’ And he always knew how to have a good time, he knew all the places to go in all the cities we ever visited. His laugh was infectious, his loyalty unquestioned and his teamwork exemplary.

“A man with a wonderful waft of Kouros, a man with no ego, a man with friends of all ages, literally everywhere he went. And boy could he sell.”

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