Best PC racing wheel in 2022


The best PC racing wheel isn’t just about the wheel or the pedals; it’s about adopting a lifestyle of speed. Oh, and it’s also about providing an extra level of immersion to your favorite racing games like Forza Motorsport or the upcoming F1 2022 (opens in new tab). Whether it’s the feel of the force feedback or the responsiveness of the shift paddles, there’s something about a good steering wheel that can’t be replicated with a controller.

A racing wheel is one of the best PC gaming buys. I tested many racing wheels by burning the metaphorical rubber with as many racing games as possible. Since racing wheels aren’t cheap, the number of options can be intimidating. It was important to get my hands over a dozen wheels to see which ones feel the best on the virtual track. I won’t lie; it was a hard list to put together since there are many really good wheels out there.

The best PC steering wheels find a way to blend smooth movement with realistic pedals and clicky gear shifts. Although not many offer superb force feedback, a steering wheel needs something. It provides physical cues, turning electrical signals into a palpable manifestation of the road surface and keeping you from crashing into a barrier. 

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