Prison Architect’s next expansion Gangs announced


The seventh expansion for Prison Architect, Gangs, is heading our way “soon”. And, as you may have guessed, this means players are going to have to ready themselves for some gang warfare.

“Bring order to your correctional facility and manage its Boiling Point, reforming gang members and protecting inmates and staff,” announced Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven today. “Show gangs who’s boss by enforcing a strict code of conduct among your inmates, and turn gang members into valuable members of society.”

Get ready for warfare with the Prison Architect Gangs expansion.

So, that all sounds very exciting, but what is this Boiling Point you speak of, Victoria? Well, I am so glad you asked.

Boiling Point is an upcoming feature for Prison Architect that allows players to measure their inmates’ (and the prison’s) temperature. As the gangs within the prison walls start to grow and “flex their strength”, players will notice the ‘danger temperature’ of their prison go up. But now, with the ‘Boiling Point’ UI in situ, players will get a “detailed overview of what’s affecting the life of [their] inmates”, thus enabling them to act swiftly and prevent “irrepressible riots” from unfolding.

As well as this, players will also be able to help gang members leave their crew and “come clean” by enrolling them in the expansion’s “Gang Rehabilitation Program”.

This may all sound quite heavy going, but fear not. The developers have promised that all of this rowdy gameplay is still going to be “fun and light-hearted” for the Prison Architect community.

“We designed the reformation features to feel authentic while giving wardens clever options to handle gangs and increase their population’s happiness,” explained game director Gaz Wright.

We don’t have an exact date for this expansion’s release, but we do know that it will be coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch priced £4.79 / $5.99.

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