The best gaming chairs in 2022


The best gaming chairs are about two things; style and comfort. If your day-to-day involves long sessions of sitting around at a computer or a gaming console, why not make sure you’re sitting in something that looks cool and won’t destroy your back? These handpicked gaming chairs are a good way to treat your butt well. 

When looking for the best gaming chair, you should always make sure that it will look after your spine. Your body is a delicate flesh temple that needs to sit on a sturdy foundation, or you’ll suffer some structural damage. OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but you should look at which chairs provide the best support for your back and spine. Consult a doctor to see if you require something extra like more lumbar support, neck pillows, or, I kid you not, built-in back massagers (opens in new tab). A good chair isn’t cheap, so make sure the one you get gives you every ergonomic benefit (opens in new tab) to protect your neck, back, and spine.

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