Indie Retro News: Ruby & Rusty Save the Crows


The Game Boy was a huge part of my childhood, games such as Tetris, Mario, R-Type and even PaperBoy was played for many hours, even when trying to see the damn thing on long haul travels without a light source at hand. So to see a new platformer game called ‘ Ruby & Rusty – Save the Crows ‘ announced through Bitmap Soft for the Game Boy certainly made my day! You see this game isn’t just for the Game Boy, but it’s being developed by Max Oakland contained within an original box with gorgeous art work.

Bitmap Soft in association with Max Oakland are delighted to present an absolutely stunning release of Ruby & Rusty – Save the Crows. From Saturday 4th June they will be opening pre-orders for a four week period to allow them to order the right amount of games.. they aim to fulfill the orders with six weeks. As for the features of this charming looking game, it has multiple enemy types, different areas to visit, lush Gameboy graphics using a modified version of the Wink Engine, and all of this working on a Gameboy Color, the original Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, and Light!

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