PSVR2’s Horizon Call of the Mountain gets first proper gameplay trailer


Guerilla Games has offered a first proper look at Horizon Call of the Mountain for PSVR2, alongside news that a free update for Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 and PS5 is now available, adding an ultra hard difficulty, New Game+, and more.

Horizon Call of the Mountain, which was announced back in January, is a first-person experience set the series’ gorgeous, post-apocalypse world. It casts players as a new character – Ryas, a former Shadow Carja Warrior who hopes to redeem himself by investigating a grave threat to the Sundom – and sets them on an adventure featuring main series protagonist Aloy and a host of other familiar faces.

Call of the Mountain’s new trailer, revealed during tonight’s PlayStation State of Play, offers a first proper look at the game in action – including some of the activities players will be able to partake in using Sony’s upgraded VR kit, such as archery and mountain climbing – and it would be an understatement to say it all looks spectacular indeed.

Horizon Call of the Mountain – PSVR2 Trailer.

And for those who’d rather just sit back and enjoy those gorgeous sights, there’s also a River Run mode, taking players on an immersive tour of the game’s landscape, with occasional interruptions from those naughty dino-robots.

There’s no word of a release date for Horizon Call of the Mountain just yet, but impatient sorts do have more Horizon to keep them amused courtesy of a brand-new update for Horizon Forbidden West, available to download now on PS5 and PS4.

This introduces a revamped Performance mode for PS5 and PS4 Pro consoles featuring improved temporal anti-aliasing, a Transmog option that enables players to cosmetically change their outfit while retaining their skills, the ability to redistribute skill points, an ultra hard difficulty mode, and a New Game+ featuring new weapons and trophies.

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