The Sims 3 was ultimate freedom for builders


For some, The Sims series is a wonderful sandbox simulation in which wacky fake people survive a gauntlet of unlikely house fires or where approximations of school crushes become spouses. For me, it’s always been about the building. I’ve removed a few pool ladders in my day, but I’ve rarely given Live Mode the time of day since the original The Sims. It’s always been about the architecture—learning to create floating houses tethered by staircases or designing mansions and realising I don’t know what kinds of rooms mansions have. Piano rooms are a thing, right? 

I happened to skip over The Sims 3—I was leaving for university and was really quite enamoured with MMOs when it launched—and now that I’ve come back to it I’ve realised that I missed out on the best building game in the entire series. The Sims 3 is bliss for a builder like me.

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